Cœur Solitaire

by I Saw Daylight

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This piece was recorded and mixed by Daniel Konold at Werkall and mastered by Micha Mutschler at 3m audio in February 2014.
Guest Vocals in „The Healing“ by Pana in Start A Fire.
Voice Sample in „No Love, I Promise“ by Aurelie Börmann
All songs by I Saw Daylight.
Lyrics by Eugen Troschin.
Drawings by Jessica Kinzer / JMB drawings.
Layout by Laura Erhardt.

I Saw Daylight are
Eugen Troschin - Vocals
Jessica Kinzer - Guitar
Kurt Halter - Guitar, Vocals
Benedikt Leible - Bass, Vocals
Laura Erhardt - Drums


released April 25, 2014

12" by I Saw Daylight ( www.facebook.com/ISAWDAYLIGHT )



all rights reserved


Alcoves Records Berlin, Germany

Alcoves is no longer running.

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Track Name: No Love, I Promise
Onward straight to the edge of the abyss, I´m falling asleep.
I still hear every word you whispered in my ear.
Onward straight to the edge of the abyss, bury me deep.
It was hard to accept that your love was never meant for me.
I have spent all my life waiting, until now.
Hell has opened its gates for me to enter.
I don´t know how long I´ve been waiting
begging and hoping, never receiving an answer.
I have tried and failed to keep me from drowning
but the weight was pulling me under, I was sinking again.
Death was so near, beside me, behind my back
but it´s not the time to leave
with a heart so weak, stronger than ever.
But I´m falling deeper, without complaining, with no regrets.
And the memories are fading the deeper it gets.
I will never forget your hands in mine, so cold
holding me tight, letting me go, pushing away, leaving behind.
I promise, no love for you, no love for you like mine, I promise
I will never find a heart like yours.
And I don´t want to, I´m still falling ever deeper
and I ask myself, how far will I get? How far from you?
How much more dark will the shadows become? The lights are fading.
How much time will pass until I have reached the ground?
Track Name: More Than A Thousand Times
More than a thousand times, I have tried to leave behind
all those long an sleepless nights, all this sadness deep down my tired eyes.
But the past is haunting my dreams, and when I´m wide awake.
I´ll find myself at the end of the road, desperate, abandoned, alone.
Who will guide me through my everlasting hell
when all the misery overwhelms me,
there´s nothing to live for, I´m screaming for help.
Who will carry me from place to place
when I become weak, too tired to sleep.
If you leave me here, I will call this place home.
No, I feel so alone, tell me what have I done wrong
to deserve all of this.
Every time I turned my back on you, you stabbed me.
I´m just helplessly waiting for eternal sleep.
Days are passing I fear the night.
As long as I lie here nothing will change.
I will call this place home, misplaced but well-known.
Only when we silent the echoes around us
we are able to recognize our deepest desire.
Only when we silent more than a thousand echoes around us
we´ll be able to find what we most deeply desire.
Track Name: The Healing
All I ever wanted was to fix what´s broken.
I´ve put all my trust in this, tried to make it stronger.
All I ever needed was the love that is still incomplete
and left in ruins, every door is leading me to empty rooms.
The more I´ve been waiting for the impossible to happen,
the more I filled my heart with anger, my mind was empty, it tore me apart.
I lied when I said everything is alright,
in truth it was hurting and it still hurts.
I gave you all because you were everything and I was nothing.
You are the first and the last, my heart is like glass,
once it is broken it can´t be repaired, only replaced.
It seems like I´ve been wasting so many years on something that never had a future.
I lived just for the moment and every second made me happy with a spark of hope that this would never end.
All I ever wanted, was to keep this unbroken.
I tried so hard but I couldn´t make it stronger.
All I ever needed, never needed me.
I learned it the hard way but I´m okay, I´m free.
Secretly I always knew that one day we will grow apart.
Until that day I was growing and surpassing myself.
And as the time came to fall into the hole you were digging there was nothing deep enough that could have kept me there.
I was tall enough and the abyss wasn´t deep enough to hurt me.
I have tried to heal a disease that never existed.
I learned a lot from this days, you affected me the most.
Now the distance between us is growing, we were once so close.
Track Name: Walking Backwards
Letting go of something, I always held on to of something that I so badly wanted to keep has pulled the rug out from under my feet. What is not owned, can not be taken. It can only be given, and I gave so much in expectance, to receive the same in return. But I only get the same patterns, over and over again. It was impossible to overcome the obstacles. So I let everything cave in, and I promised to myself that something better will take its place. I unlocked every cage, I opened every door. I cleared the path from barriers. Goodbye to everything I´ve loved. The cut runs deep but doesn´t hurt. Was it worth it or did I go too far. Time will tell how deep my wounds are. Days have passed, but I´m still bleeding while your scars are no longer visible. My heart is numb, is it still beating? Is it gone? Was it ever mine? We spent so many nights, self deceiving hand in hand in disgust, pretending love until leaving. This was not how it was supposed to end. Anyway I´d give anything to hold you in my arms again but then I just wish that we would have never met. What´s past is past, I can´t go back no more. No matter how hard I try, I can´t go back, I can´t go back. Even if I´m walking backwards, I can´t go back no more. I don´t know where I´m going, I can´t go back no more. No matter how hard I try, I have lost the orientation. I can´t go back no more, I can´t go back no more. Letting go of all I´ve held onto does not mean to throw away what has been. Letting go means to accept that what could have been will never be. There is no need to forget this. All that we´ve had will be kept, I promise. I´ll keep those memories in my head to remember where my home is. Maybe the end came to early, but we both knew that it would come. And I have truly nothing to regret, even if I knew that this would end. Even if I knew that this would end, I knew that this would end. There was never something to regret.
Track Name: V
You meant everything to me and you always will.
Even if you never felt the same and your heart stood still. My attempts to keep you satisfied were all in vain.
I gave you love you gave me only pain.
Nevertheless I think about you every day.
About every kiss I stole from you, your presence made me whole.
I have tried to be perfect, it was never enough.
I was craving for warmth from someone who is not able to love.
It was so obvious but I just ignored the signs
because I felt so comforted drowning in your eyes.
Now I swallow all the hearts that I receive
and I try to replace the broken piece.
But my heart is still broken, to feel nothing keeps me sane.
My eyes are wide open, unavoidable we´ve changed.
We will never be the same. Why hoping for tomorrow? When everything´s already irreversible today.
Once you were my home, a shelter for my heart, the one that gave me hope. Once you were my home.
You wanted more than I could give, more than everything. Even more than our love could suffer, it was perishing. I just want you to know, that nobody will love you more than me. You´re no longer mine, but I want you to be happy.
Nevertheless I can´t forget you anymore.
I remember every single moment, that we have spent together.
I have denied to be perfect, you just pushed me away.
You couldn´t give me the warmth I was craving for, when I was cold.
You left me with no home, a broken heart and I lost hope.
You never know what you have until it´s gone.
And I haven´t seen you since, the time moves on.
It moves so slow in the unknown.